5 Ways To Unleash Her Inner Sexual Animal Side

Sex with the same woman can sometimes grow stale. But in this article, you’ll discover five great ways to make your woman excited and ready for sex.

Let’s face it. Sex can get boring sometimes. No matter how attractive your woman might be,5 Ways To Unleash Her Inner Sexual Animal Side Articles there will be times when you need to spice things up. And this especially true if you’re with somebody who isn’t that adventurous.The truth is there a LOT of guys who wish the girl in their life is more exciting. While you don’t have to date a porn star, it can be exciting to be with someone who gets really excited about sex.So how do you change an otherwise boring sexual relationship? Well, the solution is fairly simple. You have to find a few ways to initiate sexual activity that will attract HER interest.In this article, you’ll discover five different activities that’ll stimulate your woman while providing an incredibly fun experience. 1- Roleplay your fantasiesEveryone (including women) have secret fantasies. If you want to unleash her “inner sex kitten”, then you should explore each other’s desires.What I recommend is simple. Both you and your woman have a few hidden fantasies. If you want to act them out, then you have to be candid about what you REALLY want. Once you reveal your hidden fantasies, you take turns acting them out. Acting out the desires of your woman is an excellent way to tap to her primal side in a risk free environment.2- Play “Truth or Dare”If you were lucky, then you were fortunate enough to play “Truth or Dare” with the girls when you grew up. The game is simple. You take turns asking somebody if they want a “truth question” or a “dare”. If they want a truth question, then you ask something which is revealing. But if they want a dare, then you make them do something risky.Now when you played this game in the past, it was probably fairly innocent. But you can make it really exciting, by making the game sexual. All you to do is make the questions sexual in nature and dare to do certain “risky” activities that you’ve always wanted from her.3- Wear costumesAt the beginning of this article, I discussed how you can have fun with a roleplaying session. Well you can dramatically increase the fun by adding a few costumes.We ALL have fantasies about certain types of people (cheerleaders, cops, and nurses). If you and your partner act each others desires, then you can have a LOT of fun. 4- Have a Photo SessionVideo taping or photographing your woman can make her feel like a beautiful model. It’s a funny thing, but taking pictures of your girl can have an amazing affect on an otherwise stale relationship. When you pull out a camera, she’ll start to do crazy things that normally wouldn’t happen. Now the important thing to remember is she has to TRUST you. If your woman KNOWS that you won’t show the pictures/video to anyone else, then she’ll be more willing. What I recommend is you take the pictures (or video), but let her hang on to the evidence.5- Take controlWomen WANT guys to take control of a sex session. Typically most intimate encounters involve some giving and a little taking. In essence, she has to be in control sometimes.But you can really excite her if you’re willing to take command of ALL aspects of a sex session. Simply deepen your voice and TELL her what you want. Then she’ll become putty in your hands.Unleashing your woman’s wild side isn’t hard to do. If you try out a few of the different activities I discussed in this article, then you’ll discover that sex with SAME woman can become really exciting!

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